Clean All-The-Things

Sometimes your space just needs a little extra elbow grease to keep it looking its best. Our Deep Clean provides everything you need to regain that sparkle

Move Easier

Moving is hard enough, take cleaning off that check list. We offer a top notch Move Out Clean that will take the stress out of your move.

Community Outreach

We aren’t your average cleaning company. Besides cleaning, our mission is to volunteer 10% of our time to improving the community around us.

Military Housing, Barracks, PCS Deployment Cleanings

Have an inspection coming soon? Have your barrack’s room cleaner than the rest with our Barracks Cleaning Package. 

Loved one coming home? Our Deployment Cleaning Package provides the perfect service to get your home ready for their arrival.

Just received PCS orders? Let us help you focus by taking cleaning off that long to-do list. Get the right cleaning you need quickly.

veteran hugging child

Special Assistance Cleaning Service

Do you know someone in need of a little assistance due to recent hospitalization, physical therapy, or limited mobility?

We can help take cleaning off their to-do list and help them focus on what matters most, healing and enjoying life. Each service is customized to the individual, including a personalized rate.

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Colorado Springs Cleaning Professionals

We take care of your space as if it were our own.

Attention to Detail

No matter the size, our professional cleaning team believe even the small things matter.

Expert Service

Rest easy knowing your cleaning team professionals are trained with top-of-the-line training, assuring continued excellence.

Always Prepared

No matter the job, we will come prepared with all the necessary tools to get it done right, the first time.


Time is important to you so we focus on getting the job done well, efficiently, the first time.


We truly love what we do and that includes serving each client as if they are a part of our family.

Enjoy more out of your days

Life is busy. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a clean home. A clean home increases its value, prolongs the life of household items, improves overall home health and overall life quality for you and your loved ones.

Professional Cleaning Servces for the Colorado Springs area

White Glove Cleaning serves both residential and commercial properties in he greater Colorado Springs area.

Military Base Friendly! Our professional cleaning teams have access to military bases.

Colorado Springs Cleaning

AirBnB, Realtors & Contractor Cleaning Professionals

Cleaning services for AirBnb's or VRBO's
We are happy to help keep your AirBnb or VRBO property spic and span between guests.

Commercial & Contractor Cleaning Services
Have your business cleaned on a schedule or only when needed. Our crews are available nearly every hour of the day.

Site clean-up can take valuable time away from your production schedule. We help contractors maintain a clean job site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose White Glove Cleaning and not a competitor?
When you choose a professional cleaning company, like White Glove, you invest in the cleanliness of your home and time spent attending to more important matters. Our goal is to leave you satisfied and overjoyed with the results each time we enter your home.

What can White Glove Cleaning do for me?
Here at White Glove Cleaning we are more than just a cleaning company. We want to give back to this great community by providing exceptional high quality services at affordable rates.. We guarantee you will love our services or we will do it again!

Bring the sparkle back into your space

Big or small, White Glove Cleaning is the perfect team for the clean.