Your Colorado Springs Cleaning Professionals

Spend more time focused on the finer things in life by taking cleaning off your to-do list. White Glove Cleaning is your trusted, service focused, cleaning company here to make your home sparkle.

Standard Clean

Starting at $69.95

Our standard package covers several areas of focus and can be done one-time or on a recurring basis.

Deep Clean

Starting at $99.95

Have us help prep your home for all of your guests, this season, and give your space that little extra attention.

Includes all items in the Standard Cleaning PLUS...

Custom Cleaning

Starting at $69.95

Whether it’s a simple family gathering or a full-blown home wedding, we can help prep your home for all of your expected guests.

We can create with the perfect package to fit your family or business needs.

Move Out Cleaning

Starting at $109.95

Moving always includes so many things that need to be done within a tight timeline. Take cleaning off that list and gain several hours back into your tight schedule.

Our move-out package covers all areas of the home.

Customized to every cleaning need.

From simple tidying up to deep cleans and everything in between. White Glove's professional cleaning services can help your home, airbnb, VRBO, rental or listing look it's best this season.

Military Services

veteran hugging child

Barracks Cleaning

Starting at $65.00

Great for keeping your space up to snuff and ready for any inspection.

Includes the following items...

Deployment/PCS Cleanings

Starting at $99.95

Deployments and PCS are never easy. Let our experts make your space sparkle and alleviate that long to-do list so you can focus on what matters most, enjoying time with your loved ones.
(must present orders to qualify)

Includes the following items...

Special Assistance Cleaning Services

Were you or a loved one recently hospitalized, in physical therapy or have limited mobility? We can help take cleaning off your to-do list and allow you to focus on what matters most, healing and enjoying life.

Each service is customized to the individual, including a personalized rate

What We Provide

Expert quality cleaning services customized to every cleaning need.

An unparalleled attention to detail while maintaining great time management skills.

Assurance that we'll always be prepared for any cleaning services.

We‎ offer‎ exceptional‎ cleaning‎ services‎ that‎ will‎ have‎ your‎ neighbors‎ asking‎ the‎ question,‎ How‎ do‎ they‎ do‎ it?

White Glove Cleaning Colorado Springs Professional Cleaning
Eco Minded Cleaning

We offer eco-friendly products for cleaning your home.

Our goal at White Glove Cleaning is to help our environment by using eco-friendly cleaners. We have kid and pet safe products.

Medical Related Cleaning

Perfect for post-op families who need to assure their home will continue to help in the healing process.

We offer special rates for various medical circumstances so the focus is on healing - not cleaning.

Military Focused

We have access to military bases.

We can come to you on or off post. Being a Veteran owned company we know how you value the time you get to spend with family. Allow us to give you that time back and enjoy our military discounted rates.

Make More Quality Time

Spending time with the ones who matter most is important, so ditch that pesky cleaning list and hand it over to White Glove's cleaning professionals.